Marine Projects

OFMS always ensure the team cadre and personnel are professionally trained and qualified to perform the assigned task, a team of qualified and experienced marine professional deployed for maritime based project . All Projects regarded with marine industry will be handed by the marine professional; a well knowledgeable and adept team will encounter with a paramount skills in order to provide a successful job completion.

Marine Construction

Deployed personnel are headed by Maritime and engineering empowered professional who is competent in undertaking the assigned projects related to Marine constructions, this includes of the involvement of Marine engineers and nautical surveyors who are qualified and experienced professionals in completing the assigned projects

Qualified Commercial diver training and assessment

Stepping ahead in providing a qualifying candidates and professionals to the marine and diving industry ,OFMS operates under the principles training and assessing the experienced dive personnel and cadre.

Suitable and competent marine commercial divers shall be trained under the guidelines of internationally recognized diving standards, most importantly OFMS is the first ever company in India to provide a commercial diver assessment.

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OCEAN FORCE MARINE SERVICES is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company operating under the standards and procedures of standardized Quality Management System which shall enhance the quality of services offered to our clients.

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